The Art of Bitfulness

Looking at Aadhaar beyond as a unique digital identity, its architect Nandan Nilekani has advocated using its technology for public good, as societal platforms create a “level playing field”. “Societal platforms create a level-playing field for public good. It is possible to make digital payments through a combination of public financial institutions and private banks,” he said at a public event, organised by the Centre for Global Development here on Friday.
Participating in a panel discussion on “Societal Platforms: Building beyond Aadhaar for Sustainable Development”, the former Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) said societal platforms are about enforcing the rules of the game. “Societal platforms are not about excluding market participants. They are about enforcing the rules of the game. That is the role of the society and government to provide the rules of the game,” he said. This article was originally published in Business Standard.
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