The Art of Bitfulness

Don’t spend less time on your devices.

Spend time better.

A digital detox is temporary. Disconnecting is impossible.
So we wrote a book on how to live with your technology,
rather than live without it.

Curious what's in the book?

No problem, we'll tell you! Take a look at the Table of Contents.
Fix your relationship with technology to reclaim your time, attention and privacy.

A Note from Nandan Nilekani

The pandemic made everything digital. Like many of us, I was spending a lot more time on my screens. In mid-2020, tired of video calls, I started meeting my colleagues for socially-distanced walks in the park.

Talking to them, I realised they shared similar frustrations with their devices. On one such walk in the park, Tanuj and I realised that we had the same approach to managing our devices - designing for calm.

Over many more walks, we refined the idea of Bitfulness: a system that helps you live mindfully with your tech.

The Art of Bitfulness is a compendium of strategies that help you have a healthier relationship with technology. It doesn’t demand an iron will or giving up your devices. It is not about spending less time online, but spending time online better.

We hope you find it useful.


Meet the Authors


is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Infosys Technologies Limited. He was Founding Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), a Cabinet Minister rank, from 2009–2014.

Most recently, Nandan has co- founded and is Chairman of EkStep, a not-for-profit effort to create a learner centric, technology-based platform to improve basic literacy and numeracy for millions of children.


is a storyteller who codes. He holds a chemical engineering degree from IIT Bombay. He also attended Ashoka University and studied liberal arts at the Young India Fellowship.

His training in the sciences and humanities allows him to craft narratives about technology that are accessible without sacrificing technical depth.

Time to reset our relationship with technology.

Perhaps, one of the more significant books of our times.And if you permit it to, it can change your life to a considerable measure.

Curious what's in the book?

No problem, we'll tell you! Take a look at the Table of Contents.